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Tai Davis is a contemporary visual artist and award-winning chef focusing on fine art photos, textured acrylic /mixed media paintings, cake installations, and food styling. 

Tai Davis is self-taught and gathers most of his inspiration from Alchemic principles, food, personal experiences, emotion, and nature. He attended Southern Illinois University, for music performance (Cello) and has been cooking professionally for 18 years. His artistic platform Sacred Geometry was released in 2019, along with his first coffee table book entitled Tai Davis [Pastry]. In January 2021, Davis debuted his first museum exhibition, at Cedarhurst Museum for the Arts, entitled “Egg”. A series comprised of over 24 paintings, sculptures, and prints celebrating the humble egg. During this year, he was also featured at the Angad Arts Hotel with his piece "Son of Senegal" which, because of this partnership,  sold shortly after. 

“I never set off on some life-changing quest to become an artist, far from it…art found me. From an incredibly young age, I’ve always had the inclination to look past what’s present and to dig deeper and, with my art, I do just this. I love using food, trauma, memories or music as inspirations for many of my works, but from time to time, I love deviating away from these subjects and my comfort zone.”


In addition to original works of art, Tai offers limited edition giclee prints on archival, museum-quality paper, canvas  or metal.

His art is sold through several interior design firms in Saint Louis, Mo, and can be found in many private collections, hotels, and galleries throughout the Midwest. 

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